World Topps

Wish you could travel the world? You can-right here at World Topps... Treat your taste buds to a tasty trip with our passport to exotic and delicious toppings from around the globe.


"Fast, affordable, good quality, authentic food from all over the world." This is the concept behind World Topps - a globally inspired restaurant that serves international toppings over rice, noodles, desserts and more. Eating here is an experience where we will let your taste buds travel and go on an eating adventure. World Topps will let you explore the flovrs of Asia, America and Europe at very affordable prices. PHILOSOPHY We will cater to today' s fast-paced and ever-changing society. Our customers will experience a wide variety of authentic international dishes in generous portions yet very affordable. MARKET We target customers who belong to the A-B-C market, especially families, office people and yuppies. Average check per person would be in the range of 65-150 Pesos.

DESIGN CONCEPT Cozy, modern, colourful, hip, young and comfortable. Designed with global touches such as maps and paintings of famous landmarks and destinations from all over the world.

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