Ganso Shabuway

The history of Shabuway began in August 2004, when Eiichi Mochizuki & Koji Kikura opened the first shabu-shabu restaurant in San Mateo, California. The name "Shabuway," which is a made-up word meaning "The road to shabu-shabu for shabu-shabu lovers." It was named to offer our customers the best Japanese style hot pot. Shabuway is all about customer service and providing our customers a phenomenal dining experience.

Through Shabuway's successful introduction and increasing patronage, Shabuway have set sights on expansion with a branch opening in Mountain View, California and recently, another in San Jose, California. As of 2011, Shabuway will open its doors to the international market with a venture that will take Shabuway to the islands of the Philippines.

With Shabuway's ambitions to have Japanese shabu-shabu take root all over the world, GansoShabuway Philippines is the first step to succeeding. Hand in hand, Shabuway USA and Ganso-Shabuway Philippines will continue to expand its reach to a wider array of customers and continue to provide the best quality food and customer service.

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